In, 1995 we started a dog registry named the North American Beagle Registry.  During this time, very few registration groups were available to pet owners and breeders.  Because of the small number of clubs, their service was extremely slow and not focused on their customers. Breeders were not receiving their litter papers back in time to sell the pups, sometimes waiting 4 to 5 months.  This slack service caused the breeders customers to be angry and mistrustful, causing these dog owners and breeders to look for another way to accomplish the registration process.  So in 1998, we branched out from only Beagles and opened registration to all dogs, forming the North American Purebred Dog Registry (NAPDR).

In 2009, we incorporated and shortened our name to the North American Purebred Registry, Inc.

The NAPR is a  registry dedicated to the dog breeder as well as people who have just 1 or 2 pets in their family.  We do not cater to puppy mills, or to those that are simply interested in selling animals for quick gain.  We do not offer bulk discounts.  We do not send out blank pedigrees for people to fill in however they want.  We operate in this manner because we do not want to attract the wrong kind of business.  We want good, honest breeders, or pet owners that have the same goals; the continuing health and happiness of pets and pet owners.

In 2015, we acquired The Central Animal Registry.

The goals of NAPR are as follows:

         -Serve those pet owners and conscientious breeders who truly have the best interest of their animals at heart

         -Maintain impeccable records    

         -24 hour turnaround service after receiving an application from the customers

         -Treat clients with the utmost respect and courtesy

         -Maintain the most reasonable, competitive fees in the industry

You, our customer, are our most valued and important asset.  We continually try to make the registration process as simple and sensible as possible for you, whether you have one or many animals in  your family or kennel.  Each of you is equally important in our registration family.